General Inquiries

Can I come back more than once a day?
Do you buy every day?
What does it mean to "pawn" an item versus sell it?
How does a pawn loan work?
Do I have to pick up my items on a loan?
Can I have more than one loan?
Why do you need my identification?
Do you loan on firearms?
What types of items do you take?
How much can I get for my item?
Can I just sell my item instead of loaning/pawning it?
Do I need to pay back my loan? Do I need good credit?
What is a pawn and how much does it cost?
What happens to my items while you have them?
Are my items safe?
How soon will I get paid?

Designer Goods

My purses are really worn. Will you still buy them?
What types of goods are counterfeited?
I don't want to sell my item, but I don't know if it's authentic. Can I get my item authenticated?
I have several boxes of jewelry and I don't know if it's worth anything. Will you look it over?
What do you use to authenticate designer items in Kansas City?


When is the best time to bring in my items?
Do you do appraisals?
Do I need to come in to get a quote?
How do I know that you won't switch out my diamonds?
I have several boxes of jewelry and I don't know if it's worth anything. Will you look it over?


Do I need to remove my accounts before bringing an electronic item in?
Do I need to have my car subwoofers hooked up before bringing them in?
My parents have some older stereo stuff. Is it worth anything?
I forgot my passwords to my tablet. Can you still take it?


Do I need to remove the fuel from my item?
I lost my charger to my drill. Can you still do something?
My tool's serial number has been worn off. Can you still take it?
My nail gun is pretty beat up. Will you still take it?
Do you take machinist tools?

Coins & Collectibles

Do I need to wait in the store while you check things out?
I have thousands of Baseball cards, Pokemon Cards, Football Cards, and Comic Books. Do you take them?
Do you take antique furniture?
I have a large collection that will take some time to look over. Do I have to accept your offer?
How do I know if my stuff is worth anything?

Musical Gear

My DJ career has gone south. Can you help me out?
Do you buy accordions?
Do you buy Fender or Gibson guitar copies? 
I was told my instrument needs extensive repairs. Would you still buy them?
I found this old, dusty thing-a-ma-jig in a storage unit. I don't even know what it is. Will you buy it?

Sporting Goods

My dad had hundreds of fishing poles. Will you take a look at them?
Do you buy ammo?
Do you do private party firearm transfers?
Do you take fishing rods?
My parents left me some golf clubs. Are they worth anything?